*Amy Smyth Made It is a design studio that creates and licenses, witty copy combined with a bold, bright design statement. The company partners with licensees to create greeting cards, stationery, gift packaging and online greetings.

Amy Smyth Made It launched in May 2006 at the National Stationery Show. The company was in full swing by 2008, and grew to over a 1000 accounts across the US, Canada, Australia, UK and New Zealand. In 2010, Amy Smyth Made It partnered with American Greetings to expand the reach of the brand. In 2013, Amy & John Smyth started a new company A Smyth Co., sold to independent retailers across the US, Canada, UK and New Zealand. Amy Smyth Made It has won six Louie awards, including Card of the Year.


Copy Writer, Designer & Visionary
Born and raised in South Jersey, Amy spent idyllic childhood drawing, writing, talking a lot and eating. She fell in love with design and product at age five when she discovered Hello Kitty. In fact, her childhood birthday gift was to be able to spend “as much time as she wanted” in the Hello Kitty store. Her mother stood by her side as Amy painstakingly showed her each tiny eraser, pencil sharpener and pencil. Amy didn’t know it then, but this was her introduction to licensing (and not just any licensing, the perfect marriage of design and product).

Unfortunately, it took another 26 years for Amy to put it all together. Amy graduated with a BFA in illustration and worked as editorial freelance illustrator for four years. Frustrated with the industry (and general poorness), Amy launched a company featuring her illustrations on handmade handbags. Before she knew it, she was managing a small supply chain from her studio apartment while holding down a full time job. She took the bags to a trade show where she received no orders and the business tanked before it was even off the ground. Riddled with embarrassment, debt and a really stupid full-time job, Amy knew she needed to make a plan.

So that’s exactly what she did – she wrote a business plan. Armed with new found business knowledge, she launched Amy Smyth Made It in May of 2006. She has worked as the copy writer, designer, and visionary ever since.

Amy lives in Washington DC with her husband. She still eats and talks a lot.

*Amy would not have been able to achieve anything in the aforementioned story without the following all working in tandem: the undying love, business advice, sacrifice, support and money lending of her Mother, Father, brother, sister-n-law and husband; the love and support of friends and extended family; the guidance of teachers, mentors, industry friends and partners. And, as a woman, living in America really helped too.

*One more thing: it’s Smyth, not Smith.


Strategy and Operations Officer
It’s not often a rocket scientist helps shape the vision of a greeting card company, but that’s exactly what happened at Amy Smyth Made It. John, a graduate of Virginia Tech, with a BS in Aerospace Engineering has been advising, attending trade shows and industry events since the launch of Amy Smyth Made It in 2006. His MBA, from the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, and years of management experience, have been invaluable in shaping the company, and will continue to guide Amy’s vision in the future. It also helps he can be very frank with Amy, for he is her brother.

John lives in South Jersey with his wife and two kids. He roots for Philadelphia no matter what the sport.